The UBP is right when it calls Mr. Tucker's method of departure disrespectful as it isn't just disrespectful to his former party, it is also disrespectful to those who voted for him.  Mr. Tucker should at least make his reasoning be known.  It is bad enough he suggests his admiration for Premier Brown's dictatorial approach.  Sure it might have been done with good intentions, but frankly how would Mr. Tucker feel if Premier Brown kicked him out of his home and gave it to the homeless?  While it may be a 'humanitarian' move, the homeless could certainly be cared for in a more respectful fashion that doesn't require such rediculus actions, such as dedicating tax dollars to the much needed improvements of the homeless shelter rather than jet setting around the world like a rich playboy.
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1 thought on “Disrespectful

  1. The ship is sinking,but these lazy fools push the women and children out of the life boat for themselves. This is why the rally today must be supported,it’s grass roots,no party or racial baggage. Look at their comments and character carefully,not one of them has a concern about worsening crisis on this island under the dictator or the voters who put them on the payroll: “Judas “Jammal,fat furbish or this doofus darius,all of them are after a meal ticket for running their mouths.

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