Tourism: Charting our performance

Despite the fact that no actual monthly tourism numbers for the first quarter were published nor submitted to the Caribbean Tourism Organization, through some extrapolation we can get an estimate of how we’ve performed in comparison to the Caribbean in terms of air arrival numbers.

Let’s take January to begin with.  We can use 2003 as a benchmark and see how each year performed by comparison in terms of % difference.  Then we can average the performance of destinations in the Caribbean who reported in to the Caribbean Tourism Organization to get a sense of how we did in comparison.

So here’s January’s performance from 2003-2009.  What you’ll note is that we vastly outperformed the average Caribbean destination in 2007, but in 2004 and 2009 not only did we underperform but we also declined in visitor numbers when compared to 2003.



Now let’s take a look at February’s performance in which case this time we did not outperform in any year and continued to not only underperform against the average Caribbean Destination but we also underperformed against 2003 arrivals.


Finally, let’s look at March.  Again, we fared overall worse than average and underperformed quite badly when compared to our own 2003 arrivals.


2 thoughts on “Tourism: Charting our performance

  1. Thanks for the stats Dennis. Reality tells me that it (the stats) seem to be relevent as can be seen by the attitudes and spending of Bermudians. Things are not looking well and the light at the end of the tunnel is knowhere to be seen for a long time.

  2. Bda inc, is circling the drain…..
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