Mistaken identity

The good news?  People have confused us with the Bahamas when the comes to the Uighurs.  The bad news?  We’re still easily confused with the Bahamas.

From this week’s Economist

Twenty-two Uighurs were indeed caught by the Americans in Afghanistan and sent to Guantánamo Bay. Four of them were freed in June and resettled in the Bahamas (emphasis added). The Pacific island of Palau has offered to take 13 others. The Uighurs insist they were not involved in any anti-American operations in Afghanistan. But their capture helped to bolster China’s argument that it too faced an organised terrorist movement backed by foreigners, even though occasional attacks in Xinjiang hardly seemed well organised. Only primitive weapons were involved in the two bloodiest incidents last year that were blamed on terrorists—one against police in Kashgar that left 17 officers dead in August, and bombings in Kuqa the same month that killed two people. Suicide attacks, a hallmark of Muslim militancy elsewhere, are hardly known in Xinjiang.

Not one of the 570 comments made so far noted the mistake either.

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1 thought on “Mistaken identity

  1. What can ya do… to most of the world we’re all just “the islands”, so everything’s interchangeable, particularly the controversial or negative things.

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