Stand aside

Could the UBP do something radical for the betterment of Bermuda and not challenge recently passed Minister Bascome's seat in parliament?  By doing so would the UBP open the door for a rise of independents or a new party to challenge the norm and disrupt our present dichotomy?  Such a move would likely give Bermudians a good benchmark of what hope there is for an alternative to rise.  It would give anti-UBP individuals something other to vote for than the PLP and may well send a strong message to our present leadership that they do not actually have the support they think they do.  Finally it would give the UBP an indication as to whether they should stand aside entirely for the betterment of Bermuda or whether they remain the strongest force to oppose the PLP.  While such a move may not be in the best interests of the UBP it could prove to be in the best interests of Bermuda as it would provide the opportunity to spark a new political dynamic in Bermuda politics..

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8 thoughts on “Stand aside

  1. Why don’t you run Dennis. Kill two birds with one stone. The irony is, I believe this to be true.
    Then again, why should the UBP give up just because a few bloggers say they should.

  2. It was tried in Somerset a few years ago. Failed miserably and the candidate got even fewer votes than the UBP branded candidate would have..

  3. Alex,
    That’s interesting, hadn’t heard of the case. Any idea what the motivation was for not running a candidate and if there was a sense of loss for having not run one?

  4. Rummy,
    Perhaps one day I’ll run. I can’t say now is the time as I’m still bound by trying to build my career and amass a bit of savings before risking it all on politics. Besides, I’m doubtful I’d make a very good politician.
    The UBP can do whatever it likes. Bloggers and other commentators simply voice their opinion but it is up to the UBP itself to decide its own course. Indeed, why should the government listen to bloggers either (not like they do anyway) when we go on about various issues, fiscal responsibility and the like?

  5. You missed the point Dennis or wish not to address it. “A good Politician” ? Damn right you would. Don’t cut yourself short. Look around you, see the state of affairs, digest the feel of the people.
    As for Government listening too bloggers …you bet yah they do. The UBP is just as much part of the structure of Government as the PLP. BOTH are the Government unless Global Hue members sit there or Ford Motors…..
    Someone besides Kim Swan needs to get their act together. He’s is playing the cards he was delt and he’s a fine player. Once he rids the deck of ‘jokers’ maybe there can be a new product that’s shelf life has expired.
    My two cents…….

  6. I think it was Colin Smith who wanted to run, people felt that he was a good candidate, and he didn’t want the UBP name to destroy his chances and so the UBP didn’t contest the election. He ran in Somerset and was outright killed in the polls far worse than a UBP candidate had been previously, and I believe since. It was in 2003, I think.
    I know it’s fun to pretend the the UBP are a bunch of idiots, but the reality is that a lot of these things have been tried or been done.
    At the end of the day it’s an all part-time and mostly volunteer UBP up against a full-time professional PLP.

  7. I did’nt say the UBP were a bunch of Idiots. Part time is neither here nor there.
    Government may be in “control” but I ask you to define “control”.
    As “to have been tried or been done”….whats your wife think when you burn the steak?
    Nothing like chicken broth and whatever you can find to make a meal, or a bottle of blackrum and your neighbours old boot cooked for 14 hours……………
    ‘Where have all the flowers gone’……longtime passing…..Tink about it…………..

  8. Alex,
    I believe Corin Smith did run under the UBP banner against Michael Scott in the by-election caused by the death of the then Finance Minister C. Eugene Cox. I dont believe Mr. Smith ran as an independent.

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