Tough on crime, light on punishment

Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Wright explained in today’s paper:

"Based on analysis for the last four years in Bermuda, you have ten individuals who’ve been arrested 30 times or more.

"There are 210 who have ten arrests or more and 1500 have three arrests or more.”

Is there not something rather odd about these statistics?  Ie, how do 10 people manage to get arrested more than 30 times or more each in 4 years?  That’s nearly once every month and a half!  Something about these numbers seems to indicate we should be focusing more on improving the justice system rather than worrying about the effectiveness of policing. 

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3 thoughts on “Tough on crime, light on punishment

  1. This is because all those arrested were black and black juries never put these guys away. I don’t know how many times the front page of the paper has a drug dealer or someone caught with a gun getting off with no pubishment at all, while it the same time a bunch of people (black that is), complaining about crime in their nieghborhood. It’s a joke.

  2. Mr. Blow,
    What are you recommending? Were we any better off with only white juries when innocent men were persecuted for being black?
    You might think it a joke, I don’t.
    Do you ever complain about crime in Bermuda? Do you ever stop to consider that in the grand scheme of things a population of 60,000 is a neighbourhood to a lot of people around the world?
    Perhaps it is time you started really thinking about how you can do better in your own neighbourhood?

  3. Not everyone arrested is charged. And the vast majority of those charged will be tried in Magistrate’s Court – not by a jury. Unless you are suggesting that the black Magistrates are not putting the defendants away because they are black??

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