No confidence?

Does the United Bermuda Party realize how ridiculous they make themselves look when Opposition Leader Kim Swan is suggested to have made comments like the low voter turnout was a vote of no confidence in Premier Ewart Brown's Government?  If low voter turnout is a benchmark of confidence then perhaps the opposition leader should more carefully examine the numbers and take a long hard look in the mirror.  Indeed the percentage of those who did turn out to support the UBP declined in comparison to the last election and if anything is a vote of no confidence in the UBP and its present leader.

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3 thoughts on “No confidence?

  1. He couldn’t not make a comment like that it’s politics and it’s to be expected.
    It’s equally as ridiculous for the PLP to congratulate itself on a higher percentage of votes cast when so few people actually bothered to vote.
    If anything it is a vote of no confidence in both parties but, most likely it’s just apathy.

  2. Wow. So you’re telling me that both parties are excited over the election results when in reality both parties ought to have some concern.
    Bermuda politics is just laughable. Like Nioe says, there’s a lot of apathy at present and it continues to grow.
    The UBP leadership still needs that reality check, I fear.

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