People before party?

Mr. Commissiong’s comments in today’s paper outline exactly why the disbanding of the UBP would change the scope of Bermuda’s political future. 

While the end of the UBP might seem like a dream scenario for hard-core PLP-ers, Mr. Commissiong forecasts a new political landscape spells dangers for his own party.

"Prior to 1998, it was only the threat of continued Anglo-white domination of the political process which kept the then-opposition party together; and post 1998, it is only the threat of renewed Anglo-political domination, as represented by the white-dominated UBP, which continues to provide the adhesive to party unity."

Once that threat is smashed issues of political philosophy and ideology, largely unresolved in the PLP will need to be addressed, said Mr. Commissiong, leading to an issues-based political environment.

As Mr. Commissiong suggests, the UBP is the glue that holds the PLP together causing real issues to fall to the wayside.  It is a situation unlikely to change as long as the older generations still live and the UBP holds considerable political power.  The question then becomes whether the UBP can make the greatest sacrifice of all and put the betterment of Bermuda for all Bermudians ahead of the betterment of the party?

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2 thoughts on “People before party?

  1. I think there is validity to this, however, if the UBP disbands and their current MPs move to whatever new party forms, they will tarnish the new party before it even gets off the ground. Any new party for it to have any credibility would have to be separate and distinct from any current batch of MPs. If 1 or 2 joined then ok, but if it was an en masse joining by the UBP MPs or PLP MPs for that matter, it will be hard for that new party to separate itself and be genuinely thought of as a new party.

  2. Dennis, the UBP has made the greatest sacrifice of all……..
    They are still there, doing the best they can. Since inception of Party Politics they have led the country and formed a road map along with the opposition in those days to lead us where we are.
    Currently, with global happenings and current state of affairs the use of GPS has become the norm.
    We need feet on the ground and people who really affirm they want to move on for our future. Lip service is just that and there are a lot of “chapped” lips out there.

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