Disappointing double standard

The announcement that the expat with a cannabis conviction has been granted a work permit because of his importance to the international business community is disappointing.  It simply does not send the right message as it continues along the lines we have increasingly seen lately that if you’re important enough the laws don’t apply to you.  That isn’t a good direction for us to be headed in.

Now, not to be seen as hypocritical it should be noted that this blog has numerous times called out against our rather ridiculous policies that ensure individuals caught with small amounts of cannabis are handed punishments that brand them for life and restrict their ability to travel.  In this case it would make more sense to change the law for all than to let one individual slide simply because he’s important. 

Making special exceptions just leads to distrust of the system as a whole and raises further questions of why anyone should bother following the law if those at the top have no respect for it?  It is something you see increasing evidence of as more and more people are more inclined to commit small infractions they wouldn’t have done in the past.  A great example is the incredible rise in the number of people who run stoplights.

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2 thoughts on “Disappointing double standard

  1. I agree here. Putting aside the argument for the whole stop list scenario as well as the even deeper argument about decriminilisation of cannabis, the message is indeed out that this man is ‘let off’ because he’s an important figure and brings the benefits of keeping more locals employed.

  2. Your great grandmother use to say: “Laws came to Bermuda, but Justice stayed outside Five Fathom Hole.”

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