Fickle opinion

The announcement that six individuals have resigned from the UBP with the intention of forming their own party doesn’t thus far show great evidence of this having been a well planned and calculated action.  From what this commentator has witnessed public opinion and support can be very fickle which could serve as a thorn in the side of these individuals of change. 

Undoubtedly the prospect of a new party will rally a great many who are desperate for change but if the height of excitement and momentum is not maintained the movement can fizzle quite rapidly as it has in the past for the likes of the All Bermuda Congress, the National Liberal and the Bermuda Democratic Party.  These individuals risk following in the footsteps of those who tried a similar course before them and failed.

It is the belief of this writer that the root of any successful initiative towards a new party in Bermuda requires intricate planning and careful calculation of every move long before it is made.  The reason being that in undertaking such an initiative you face the greatest force of uncertainty ever known and charging ahead blindly is rarely a useful course of action when faced with uncertainty.

Indeed, many questions arise as to what we shall face in the coming months, questions these individuals will need to have considered and adequately prepared for.  The speculation already rises that Premier Brown will call a snap election to capitalize on this rift and strengthen his own position.  For a party suggested to form in the new year how does it propose to stand up to challenges that come before then?  What other potential scenarios could arise between now and then and how will they answer?

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