Interesting times

The Royal Gazette is reporting the fragmentation of the UBP in the form of 6 prominent members, 3 being Members of Parliament, quitting to form a new party.  What will come of this no one can know but what is for certain is that it will be interesting times indeed.

The split of the UBP at this time poses interesting possibilities.  For one, we could see Premier Brown move to call a snap election to capitalize on the situation.  This is an action some have considered a possibility regardless considering the upcoming Progressive Labour Party constitutional conference at which the Premier’s opponents are due to make their objections known.  This however would require Premier Brown to wield a considerable position of strength as such a move could backfire.

Something worth considering is the knowledge that the Official Opposition’s strength has now been reduced to 9 Members of Parliament.  This number happens to be less than half of the PLP’s 22 seats in parliament and raises some interesting possibilities to ponder.  One example is that PLP rebels would only need to control the majority of PLP seats to be the governing party if a split occurred.  Whether that is a likely possibility is certainly up for debate.

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