NewBP… Is the honeymoon over?

It may be a stroke of strategical mastery or a simple stroke of convenience but either way the PLP’s recent moves to bring controversial topics to the forefront ensure a silencing of the debate on the newBP.  A mere week after the announcement that a rebel group was breaking from the UBP and the PLP has come forth with some of the most controversial topics they’ve ever dealt with.  Coincidence or master strategy?

Whether via blogs, newspapers, talk shows, on the street or around the water cooler where the topic of conversation was once shrouded in speak of the revelation of the UBP splitting and a new party forming it has now been quickly replaced with talk of marijuana, conscription and racial equity.  Bermuda’s newest party, who has yet to produce a single peep of tangible information has seemingly disappeared into the shadows as the public’s attention has quickly shifted in an indication that the honeymoon may well be over.  It is a continuing sign whether intentional or not that the PLP continues to dominate in the realm of political strategy while the UBP struggles with the basics.

It is believed to be outgoing PLP Chairman David Burt who once advocated that you must define your opponent in order to succeed in politics.  This writer readily disagrees and believes that you must first define yourself before your opponent has the chance to define you.  Quite unfortunately the newBP has thus far failed in both endeavors.  Indeed, the mere moniker of newBP has already been formed out of their failure to promote a name for themselves, thus allowing them to be defined by others.  Worse still they have the hurdle to overcome of defining themselves as different from the UBP.  Amid the dying murmur of this formerly latest development we can recognize that the road ahead isn’t as clear cut as sometimes it may seem.  In the end we can be certain that it is likely the newBP has a long and treacherous road ahead of them.  Surely travels will not be easy and strategy plays more of a factor than some might admit.

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