You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

In what may be the first signs of what opposition leader Kim Swan should have been doing all along the Royal Gazette reports that he showed real passion and a willingness to fight in a recent constituency meeting.  Unfortunately individuals could be forgiven for wondering that rather than symbolically taking off his jacket like he's ready for a fight to instead be symbolically throwing in the towl at a turn out of a whopping 13 people.  Yet, the UBP could still rally back if they they had vibrant PR and compelling new strategies, unfortunately they don't.

While only 13 people turned out for their meeting the UBP could be using other mediums to get their message out.  They aren't.  A look at the UBP website and no mention is made of this meeting, no copy of the speech is listed and no video of Mr. Swan's passionate speech has been posted.  The front page even still shows the budget reply as the primary feature.  Thus, really only 16 (when including the reporter and other speakers) caught this 'passion' and when you can only witness it through the recounts of a reporter it comes off as rather sad instead of empowering.

The UBP shouldn't be waiting for MPs to jump ship to be holding meetings where they display passion and heart.  They should be scheduling similar meetings in every constituency and displaying similar levels of passion if even just one member turns out.  Subsequently they shouldn't be letting the newpaper be their outlet which significant dulls their ability to rally people.  The difference being that they should be broadcasting and promoting that passion in every medium possible in ways that help people appreciate it.  The problem is they aren't and continue to show few signs of innovation and instead seem to be reverting to strategies that worked in yesteryear in a display that simply promotes how out of touch they've become in today's political environment.

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For whatever reasons there doesn’t seem to be any semblance of unity within the party framework.
As for letting the Gazette be the sole source of providing information about the party’s goings on, it sure does give the PLP more ammo to use against both the UBP and the Gazette.
Maybe it’s true; the PLP is the ‘younger’ party, the one that embraces technology more and in a better fashion such as the website, blog and the like.
The stick-with-the-norm mentality isn’t going to attract new talent or gain additional support.