The boy’s trip

Bermuda’s new tourism tv spot has been published on  Overall it’s a decent ad and certainly an improvement on the old use of a blender to hide lurid sexual references.  Can’t really say it is a wow ad though the visuals are a nice touch.  I think it has some appeal and will get people thinking about Bermuda, which is good.  Unfortunately however I don’t think it is highly memorable so we’re more likely to catch those thinking of a vacation now (ie the handful who aren’t panicking over the recession) rather than those who think of one later.  Also, the ending is rather odd as it makes Bermuda seem absolutely massive in comparison to its actual size.

Anyway, as usual I’m tempted to make my own rather meek attempt at pitching ad ideas, so here goes. 


The boy’s trip: because you deserve some guy time.


Elderly gentlemen going on a boy’s trip to Bermuda for some golf, deep sea fishing, some fine cigars and an all around good time.  Part of the purpose is to poke fun at the boy’s trips that newly wed men go on to give that still young feeling to elderly gentlemen watching it.


The scene opens with a number of elderly ladies sitting around a table knitting and chatting.  It pans out into another room where a football game has just gone to commercial and a group of elderly gentlemen are sitting around enjoying it with beers and a couple with cigars.

Gentleman A: ‘You know fellas, I think I’m getting to the point were I could use a little time away from the wife’

Gentleman B pipes in ‘It has been a while since we went on a boy’s trip’

Gentleman C: ‘How about Bermuda for a weekend?  A little golf, some fishing’  [slight pause]casually glancing at Gentleman A ‘freedom’ 

The group snickers at Gentleman A’s expense

Gentleman D: ‘Sounds like a plan’ [pause] raising his beer ‘to the boy’s trip’

They cheers

The scene now cuts to the gentlemen leaving for Bermuda.  Gentleman B is seen being kissed by his wife as he is getting in a cab.  ‘Have fun’ she tells him and as the car drives off she calls out ‘and don’t forget to take your vitamins!’

The scene cuts to Gentleman D where he’s packing his bag in the bedroom where his wife looks rather unpleased for not being included.  She suggests ‘I don’t understand why I can’t come’.  He replies ‘It’s a boy’s trip honey’

Next up gentleman C, at the door to his house ‘I’ll see you in a few days’, his wife, unconcerned, calling out from the living room ‘ok, have fun!’

Finally we cut to Gentleman A.  His wife has escorted him to the airport.  He meets up with the guys with her tightly in tow.  His wife suggest ‘don’t forget to call me before you take off and when you get there to let me know you made it ok.  Be sure to let me know how it’s going and check in if you have any problems and’ … 

Gentleman C butts in, putting his arm around gentleman A.  ‘Don’t worry, he’ll be fine’ he sooths.

Scene cuts to guys at airport cheersing over beers as they wait for their plane ‘to the boy’s trip’ they proclaim

Cut to scenes of guys hanging out, rolling around in golf carts, golfing, drinking, having cigars and having a great time.  Gentleman C prods he’s cart mate gentleman A, ‘come on… relax…  have a cigar’ [short pause] ‘they sell real cubans here” he claims excitedly

Cut to scenes of the guys out deep sea fishing catching a few fish

Cut to a scene of the guys sitting off at one of Bermuda’s great restaurants with a good view.  They cheers while Gentleman C claims ‘Boy’s it’s been a great trip, we need to do this more often’

Gentleman A pipes in ‘good thing Bermuda’s only two hours away’ a huge smile on his face

Cut to the same Bermudian in a striking Bermudian outfit that I proposed for the last ad who says:

‘The boy’s trip. Because you deserve some guy time.’

Cut to a Bermuda logo

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