Welcome back & changes

I’d like to welcome Christian over @ Politics.bm and New Onion back to the blogging scene.  It’ll certainly be good to have more opinions on many of the issues swirling around Bermuda.

I’ve also finally gotten around to fixing the header of my site to match the wider size I needed for many of the charts I post.  Along with that I’ll be experimenting with background colors.  I doubt I’ll jump back into graphic design much to make it much more jazzed up than this but who knows, maybe I’ll be inspired to do so at some point.

Another change, Christian’s announcement of including twitter on his site has inspired me to launch my own account which has been sitting dormant since I first heard about twitter.  I’ve thrown it on the sidebar and am playing around with the location but for those of you with twitter, you’re welcome to follow my musings here.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome back & changes

  1. Ya, it’s from the day the tall ships left. Was out on a friend’s boat and we passed that guy out on north shore. The waves were really big for his boat and we wondered if he’d have enough power to get back when heading against the wind.

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