What does this pin do?

If Senator Burch is a 'PR train wreck in slow motion' surely Darius Tucker must be a 'PR kid playing with a hand grenade'.  In an interview with Mr. Tucker regarding whether he'd try to join the breakaway UBP group The Royal Gazette suggests "Mr. Tucker said he would wait to see more details before deciding whether he wanted to join them".  Mr. Tucker seems to be thinking that he would be welcome amongst any party.  This while his performance during his nonsensical actions during and post the no confidence vote makes it hard to believe.  From the perspective of many Mr. Tucker's days in politics are numbered and it would be political suicide for any group to accept an individual into their midst who could so badly botch his public image in such a short span of time.

Yet it continues.  What is Mr. Tucker talking about with regards to the UBP?

"As I have said before, the United Bermuda Party has served the Country well, they have brought the Country this far, but the Country does not want a white Government. That's just the way the Country is right now. They don't want a white Government so the United Bermuda Party can't be Government any more. People interested in politics need to make themselves viable to serve."

What is Mr. Tucker implying?  That the UBP as the party representative of the white vote has no chance?  That the UBP with white members has no chance?  That the UBP with white MPs has no chance?  Or is it that in Bermuda today the color of your skin dictates whether you have a place in poltics?  What do white people interested in politics do to make themselves viable?  Paint themselves black?  He is simply unclear and confusing.  Perhaps people want a government they can trust and it has less to do with skin color?  

"The Country doesn't want the United Bermuda Party to be the Government. The reports that the UBP has commissioned has told them that. They have paid money for reports but they are not listening to the reports. They haven't even given it a good opportunity to reshape and rebrand and give it one good shot because they didn't get committed to change."

What in the world is Mr. Tucker saying?  First it was that the people don't want a white government, now it's that the UBP can't be government then he turns around and says that the UBP didn't take the opportunity to rebrand and isn't commited to change.  Rebrand how?  A new name doesn't change white support for the UBP, nor does it change the white members or MPs.  If the people don't want a white government, what does a new name do?  Alternatively we've recieved accounts that these reports suggested the UBP needed more black surrogates.  Is this what Mr. Tucker is advocating?  More black MPs to to act as puppets to white string pullers?  Should it be all black faces in the forefront of a party with largely white support?  Does that make for a non-white government that would make the UBP something the people would want as government?  What is it?

The issue is that Mr. Tucker makes about as much sense now a he did when he resigned: none.  Words are coming out of his mouth but they aren't adding up to anything coherent.  Mr. Tucker seems to claim the country doesn't want the the UBP in government because they'd be a white government but still thinks they should be rebranding and giving it a shot without clarifying what kind of rebranding will solve the problem.  It would seem Mr. Tucker agrees with the need for more puppets but who really knows.  Sure it'd put white [typo] black faces up front but it would make the UBP trusted even less.  Indeed, it wasn't race that got the UBP into this predicament, it was trust and the nacent abuse of it.  Mr. Tucker's rather odd and confusing quasi pondering about race aside.

Would someone please bang the gong already and get him off the stage?

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