Does it miss the mark?

Opposition Leader Kim Swan's One Bermuda, it certainly is a nice effort but does it miss the mark?  Something just doesn't seem to add up about the leader of the opposition starting his own site, on his own, in an effort to boost his leadership popularity while claiming it is about promoting unity and togetherness amongst Bermudians.  

It is much like if Premier Brown were to come out with a website dedicated to improving race relations and then plaster his PR all over it in a bid to try and improve his standing in maintaining leadership.  Honestly, who would take such a site seriously?  It is certainly one thing if the Premier were to start a race relations site and certainly another if he wanted to create a personal PR site with a personal blog, hell both would be welcome but combining the two?  Thus why does it make any more sense for the Opposition Leader?

Another point of mention is the site's 'blog'.  Could people please take note the difference between a blog and a forum and that they are not the same?  Both can serve the purposes of providing discussion however there are distinct differences to the format.  One can think of it like a public meeting.  In 'Blog' format it is like having a moderator with a microphone.  That moderator can give a speech on a topic and then pass the microphone around for others to give feedback, the moderator can also invite guest speakers and give them the microphone.  A 'forum' is more like a meeting with no moderator or microphone but simply a bunch of signs setup where people are encouraged to meet under signs to discuss the topics posted amongst themselves.  Mr. Swan's One Bermuda includes a forum though it is incorrectly titled as a blog.  It is the belief of this writer that Mr. Swan would be better served having a true blog instead where he can regularly share his own thoughts and insights as well as invite feedback and thoughts from others.  The reason being is that we already have numerous forums for general discussion and in order to stand out Mr. Swan would need to offer something different. 

One Bermuda is certainly a nice effort, but it seems to be confusing two different purposes into one.  By doing so does it ultimately discredit the stated goal of the site while doing more damage to Mr. Swan's reputation than good?  It seems an odd mix, trying to unite Bermudians behind a site in which he couldn't unite fellow UBPers to take part but still pledging togetherness and a one Bermuda while intermixing it with his own PR.  Is anyone else rather confused?

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3 thoughts on “Does it miss the mark?

  1. I’m not confused, at least he is doing something positive for Bda Inc, unlike the egomaniac thief-in-charge who used TAXPAYER’S MONEY to promote his PGA disaster last night on TV.
    The whole program was PR for EB, to cover up the multi-millions looted from us into his and zane desilva’s pockets.
    Thanks to their “friends & family” thievery, now the prices for a round of golf at Port Royal are 4 times the cost of a much better golf course in Fla or N.C. Port Royal will be a graveyard,no locals or tourists will use it at these rip off prices.

  2. Was it categorically stated that the program (which actually seemed to be probably one of the better local productions I’ve seen in some time) was produced by the Govt of Bermuda? I think I recall the mention of TNT being a producer, but could be mistaken, and of course the obligatory ‘sponsorships’ by the golf course itself and Island Construction do make it seem like an ‘in-house’ event – oh, I don’t know.
    I’m sure the DVD will be for sale at retailers island-wide soon, anyway, heh.

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