Should we raise taxes?

The UK Government has come out recommending that territories and crown dependencies should raise taxes to wean themselves out of the recession.  This is absolutely the wrong approach.  The UK hasn't itself been able to reign in it's own troubles with ever expanding debt levels.  What we should be doing is cutting expenditure.  Our government has seen our budget double in the last few years and our spending has recklessly expanded faster than our revenues and yet what do we have to show for it?  Focus on reigning in our budgets, not doing more damage to our economy, that's the right course.   The only changes we should consider to our methods of taxation are ones that would likely prove a bit fairer for all.

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1 thought on “Should we raise taxes?

  1. The UK is *entirely* conflicted in telling us to raise taxes. How could they expect us to take that seriously?
    If they didn’t waste their taxpayer money on such absolute drivel, they could have a lower tax base as well!

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