Hating Microsoft

There are times when I truly regret having bought Microsoft software and this is one of them.  Continuing with my PC issues I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m sorry I bought Windows 7.  After replacing everything in my main pc short of the case and the dvd drive I’ve concluded the motherboard must have been fried.  So, I’m essentially left with a mostly new PC that most of the hardware has changed so I might as well upgrade the OS.  Seeing as I took advantage of the preorder for windows 7 upgrade I went ahead and loaded it onto the machine.  Turns out despite having provided a ‘clean install’ option, you’re not actually supposed to choose this option if you bought an upgrade.  Thus, once you’ve wiped your harddrive for the clean install, you’re not able to upgrade unless you go back and reinstall your previous OS.  Of course attempts to reinstall my copy of XP on my new hardware simply isn’t working.  Excellent.

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4 thoughts on “Hating Microsoft

  1. Oh Dennis………….You worry too much. I turn on my computer…blah blah blah…..
    Your taliking high tech here. I really don’t care. If you have a problem…well your not the only one.
    Take two asprin and check your banking accounts in the morning.
    I swear…you guys bet uptight about so much. It all comes out in the sunami…………….
    Tell you what…..21st December 2012 at 9am………see where I am……………………..

  2. Sorry, a mac isn’t gonna happen at this time. I’d sooner go back to Linux.
    I’ve looked at em a few times and always conclude that they’re too expensive and I’m not too fond of Apple overall. They’re far too proprietary and reek of the same monopolistic exploitation that MS was always accused of. That and the hardware is fairly restrictive.
    While I’m frustrated with MS in fairness I was trying to upgrade from an 8 year old copy of XP I got as a doorprize in University and had I been willing, I likely could have still gotten it to work if I’d gone through the necessary hassles.
    I think I’m due to buy a proper full copy of Windows 7. I’m just a bit annoyed that had I known I would have bought the home edition upgrade rather than professional as I’ll be using the upgrade on my netbook now instead.

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