Still swingin

The Royal Gazette reports on comments made by the Assistant Police Commissioner regarding this weekend's shootings:

[Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Wright] told the media that a small number of “well-known violent offenders intent on attacking each other” were to blame.

He said Police had identified 211 prolific offenders on the Island, some of whom have been arrested as many as 30 times in the last four years.

It sure is a good thing we didn't implement that archaic and draconian 3 strike rule the UBP were calling for last election.

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1 thought on “Still swingin

  1. “It sure is a good thing we didn’t implement that archaic and draconian 3 strike rule the UBP were calling for last election”.
    Bwah! Haha.
    But seriously though, while the Government rightly deserves credit for the Mirrors programme and the like, they’ve seemed to totally neglect the stick part of the carrot and stick analogy.
    And it seems like a whole lot of stick is needed now. Instead the Premier continues to claim that Government is hamstrung by the Governor. Just swallow your pride, meet with him and the Police top brass and step up your game.
    As for the public, enough is enough. These are your sons and brothers and cousins and boyfriends doing this lawlessness. By tolerating it you’re helping make things worse for everyone.

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