Interesting day for a party

Hmm, interesting day to 'launch' a party.  

  • The UBP is holding a leadership election
  • It is days following the launch of two substancial reports
  • It is the day before the throne speech.  
  • Oh, and happy Guy Fawkes day

Does anyone suspect the new party, whatever they're being called these days, is due to get much press/momentum out of this launch?  One would think the object would be to build hope/excitement/momentum from a launch but that doesn't seem overly likely considering the timing.  But hey, who wouldn't want their party anniversary to be on Guy Fawkes day?  One can only wonder of the reasons.

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17 thoughts on “Interesting day for a party

  1. this tibit was lost in the flurry of news thursday
    Ewart Brown’s PAY-TO-PLAY scheme backfires,and costs taxpayers more than a quarter of million $
    “Government did not reveal how it paid for the settlement. A costly legal battle has been ongoing for the past two-and-a-half years at taxpayer expense.
    it follows a Supreme Court order that Government pay more than $200,000 in damages for contravening BAS’s rights, which run until 2014.”

  2. Just to point out – seeing as I was lectured on it elsewhere – joining their FB page doesn’t mean they support it. They just want status updates apparently…
    All the same, all it says is that alot of people are disillusioned with the status quo, so much so that they are willing to jump at whatever novelty comes their way. That does not bode well for our politics.

  3. I think that it’s true that many people are ready to jump towards this because it’s new and it’s claiming to be different.
    However, things like that are fleeting and if there’s no real meat behind it and just images of rainbows and snowflakes, people will fall back to general apathy about politics in general on the island.

  4. Valid points both. Now it’s truly up to us to show our worth. The people of Bermuda won’t be disappointed.

  5. Guess you don’t read newspapers or are aware of the online news or TV Drew.
    Lots of people care about Guy Fawkes Day. Only problem is, he has another year to light the fuse or put it out.
    Rummy circa 2009 AD.

  6. Hey Rummy are you a limey or snobby little trust fund yatch club member rich whitey, just wondering because I know you have to be one of the two.

  7. Couple days without internet and my blog descends into anarchy.
    Can you guys keep the non constructive conversation restricted to the forums?

  8. Your very good Drew. Your first name would not be Nancy would it?
    Your right about me. I’m also a racist and a bigot and a memmber of ElQida and killed Jimmy Hoffa. As for the “limey, rich whitey et al, yah damn right. Plus I have two places in Tuckers Town and two yatchs one in Bermuda and one in St. Augustine, with smaller craft up to 50′ in various locations along the eastern seaboard.
    So much for “Mobylettes”……………………
    I am also a paid up member of the PLP and the UBP and the NLP and also the SPCA.

  9. Just waiting for my membership form so I can sign up Full Fullish…..
    I would love to say “the cheque is in the mail” but I don’t have an address and I want to be a card carrying member. So lets go………
    Gotta run…………… :+)

  10. Ah so I got it right your a rich boy, Rummy, as for nancy here’s my real name Andrew Pearce, look me up, What’s your real name [DP: moderated]

  11. Is this really necessary? I am certain people would much rather I spend my time composing posts rather than watching comments.
    All I ask is that comments are kept constructive and that personal attacks are left for the forums.
    As always I welcome individuals to create a blog of their own to write anything they’d like, of which I’d be happy to put up a link to it on request as well as accept trackbacks.

  12. You know what denis? I think their getting getting of “press” but not in the traditional way as were used too.
    The forums and blogs are inundated with comments and opinions. And the tell you the truth, the best comment I have read with merit came from Phil ‘the limey’ over on Catch a Fire.
    He was really thinking outside the box when he composed that. Much food for thought there.

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