Airport parking issues

It would be incredibly helpful and appreciated if those responsible for airport parking could clearly mark the parking areas. 

Last year I had my sister drop the car off at the airport for me so I could drive myself home.  Upon getting to the car I noticed a parking ticket on the window.  I checked the parking payment slip and the time was correctly covered so I read the details and discovered that the parking ticket was for having parked in the staff parking zone.  I was confused as the area didn’t look like the staff parking zone.  I had to circle the parking area to discover that one entrance labeled the parking area as a staff zone, but others did not.  The zone simply wasn’t labeled very well. 

Apparently, this has happened to at least a couple people as I was cleaning out my new car (the old one was on its last legs last year) and found a parking ticket and payment slip under the seat.  Panicking thinking I’d forgotten to pay a ticket I checked the dates and noticed it was from the month before I’d actually purchased it.  Funny enough it looks like a similar situation, they’d paid for parking and yet had a ticket noting that they’d parked in the staff parking zone. 

These similar situations suggest that there may still be an issue with the signage of the staff parking zone and makes me wonder how many people end up with tickets because of it.  It is these kinds of situations where I wish there were hassle free ways to submit this kind of feedback as it is unfortunate that people can get tickets having not known they were parking in the wrong area.

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