Encouraging greater public consultation

In his most recent piece Vexed questions the Premier’s support for retroactivity in the proposed Public Access to Information legislation when provisions for such were not provided in the draft.  Another question arises though, does it really matter when the Premier supported it previously as long as the instituted law ends up containing such a provision?  Government asked for our thoughts on the draft, we provided it, they’ve revised a position.  It’s at least a rudimentary example of greater public consultation and one which should be encouraged.

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1 thought on “Encouraging greater public consultation

  1. Retroactivity was/is ultimately a throw away concession that was planned from the start but purposely excluded from the first draft to avoid discussing/spotlighting equally important issues (i.e. what/who is or isn’t excluded from disclosure requirements, negative resolutions and the absence of a whistle blower protection).
    It’s a political stunt crafted on a three card monte foundation of manipulation and misdirection of the public’s trust. Unfortunately no surprise these days from this leadership.

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