Today I came home to discover that my apartment had been broken into and a bunch of things were stolen.  It’s sadly another sign that Bermuda is not headed in a good direction.

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5 thoughts on “Robbed

  1. First time Dennis? your lucky,I’v been robbed twice this year
    When will black Bermudians wake up to being robbed,raped ,pillaged and riped off?
    As well as legitimate businessmen,from Jim Butterfield’s Bermuda Cement corp,to numerous construction and tourism firms, shut out from public bidding on govt contracts,or just harassed out of business by plp racist vitriol and Ewart Brown’s corrupt pay-to-play contracts to friends & family.

  2. My sympathies, mate. Let me know if you need to borrow any tools or software to be back up and running.

  3. Look at the brightside. You were’nt home and your safe. Material things are just that.
    Unfortunately this is a cycle that will get worse with umemployment, cut backs etc. Government does have funds and charities do thier damdest to facilitate hunger and clothing.
    Now gold chains and software are just another easy money maker for…well yah no.
    Take care and just be whom you are. You’ll weather the storm.

  4. That sucks Denis, hope it was not too damaging. Hope you can get past that feeling of being violated. Hope this place can somehow turn itself around.

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