Embrace our roots

Salvaging Bermuda tourism comes down to embracing who we are and reinventing
ourselves, not some silver bullet.  Alsys over at Bermuda Fables makes some
excellent observations
on the state of tourism and brilliant suggestions on just
how we could return to our roots.  She suggests we remember what made us great
before, why people started coming here and work to bring it back and make it
even better.

One excellent suggestion Alsys makes is that we could return to a modernized
version of British conservatism.  Before relying on preconceived notions of what
this means consider the absolutely excellent point she makes here.  Bermuda is a
very unique place unlike no other.  Our heritage is composed of a mix of British
and African cultures to which we have developed our own unique culture.  Rather
than try to shun one or another part of our history could we be embracing our
heritage to benefit from it?  Is our success in tourism tied to that which makes
us unique or by copying what everyone else does? 

A large reason why people travel is to seek out experiences different from
their own.  People used to come to Bermuda because it was for many Americans a
taste of British culture, mixed with sun, a short hop from the east coast and a
pleasant and friendly atmosphere.  Can we remake that experience?  Further, can
we do more to embrace our African roots and bind that experience into the mix? 
What is it that makes us who we are?  What experiences do we have to offer that
our core markets would want to come here for?  If we focus on and fully embrace
who we are could we offer an experience that people would make people want to come to Bermuda?  

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3 thoughts on “Embrace our roots

  1. Alsys brings up some good points but they play no part today.
    African roots? Bermuda has many along with defined roots of other Carribean Nations and America.
    The past is what it is. Years ago as stated it was the mainstay of tourism because our neighbors did not have to travel 3000+ miles to get a taste of it.
    The stores, the clothing, the linens, the Forts, the transport, the laid back way all was here but less if one had to travel to London et al.
    The Clubs, the Hotels, the 5000 College Students “A WEEK” during the 60’s early 70’s.
    Jump forward 40 years. …. “We had to deceive you” et al. Getting rid of landmarks and flatenning them with a promise of rebuild from people that don’t live here. Getting rid of Corporations, hundreds of acres of empty land handed back by the USA and other related matters.
    Wanting Independence and release from some Clonial Governor and bitching and moaning too him along with members of Parliament.
    Letting Government funded entities do research, excavations, evaluations et al. Travelling the world by certain member of Parliament to garnner suport and financial easement et al.
    The British won’t come. The Indians won’t come. The Chinese will come Date to be defined), the Germnans, French, Nordic, and African won’t come…(London half the price)
    Who will come? The people that have cemented our economy for well over a hundred years. The damn Yanks and cannuks.
    Only problem is, the one in charge will have had his coffers filled and the wastage on adverts well…you’ll see….somewhere ‘dahn dee rhode’
    Mismangment has taken away what Alsys wants restored.
    Good thoughts on your part Alsys and I am sure well intended and I applaud your concern.
    My comments are not personal and I think you know that.

  2. Tourism isn’t the only thing that would benifit from Bermuda embracing it’s roots. Socially it would be a great thing to celebrate all of our heritages. What ever happened to Culture fest? Can we bring things like that back? I know that some of the primary school and pre-schools do a good job in celebrating and embracing our roots, I’d like to see this followed in the secondary schools and private schools as well. May be we can teach tollerance and respect for each others heritages from day one while kids are still impressionable. Sorry, slightly off topic, but I agree with Alyss, however we need to get to step one first.

  3. Off topic is off topic. You agrre with Alsys? In what regard.
    Culture Fest has nothing to do with attracting tourist and boosting the economy. Education yes but thats down the road as a result. Today, tomorrow concerns me more.

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