It’s not too late

The magic about studying research like that found in How the mighty fall is that it shows us not only how to recognize where we are but what steps we need to take to keep ourselves from failing.  It takes a realization and acceptance of where you are and what got you there.  It takes the perseverance to never give up, to never give in, but to always be willing to evolve your position.  It takes a willingness to question your direction and carefully consider the questions of others.  Most importantly it takes a commitment to recognizing not only when you’re on the wrong path but when to get off it.

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Well I would say your on the right path Denis.
Have a great weekend and even today.


your sounding like a grade school teacher, when has this plp govt ever given a rats ass about “we”?
you like posting charts ,here are
2 charts Worth a Thousand Words