Bermuda is on the verge of either destruction or greatness. Unopposed by any formidable opposition the Progressive Labour Party have been handed absolute power and continue to abuse it, though there are glimmers of hope.  Unopposed by a common foe factions of the PLP are rising to oppose each other.  Increasingly ideals, values and principles seemingly forgotten which once laid at the heart of the party are again bubbling to the surface with relevance.  Bermuda is on a dangerous precipice, absolute power corrupts and yet we can hope that greatness will rise from within.  Hopefully more will realize that winning uncontested isn’t really winning if you’re not moving things forwards.

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Sad to say I agree with you D. Hope the ship somehow rights itself.


It’s hard to reconcile statements from the PLP where they say that they desire a strong opposition, yet say that they want to destroy the UBP. I think they’d rather have the UBP remain relevant but not a threat, so they can run the same campaign every term.
Mind you, a PLP that’s completely in charge (as they’re at the verge of being) almost certainly runs the risk of self-destruction.


That’s namely why I’ve been supportive of this situation we’re in now as it is the only thing I see as possible of actually bringing change. If the UBP or BDA become relevant than the PLP will be able to keep up the same charade, ignore the issues, cast aside ideals and continue us on the path to destruction. The UBP was largely the glue that holds the PLP together. Since the UBP and BDA are largely irrelevant at present and are due to split the white vote the PLP is left uncontested, the PLP are left without a common… Read more »