Going bust

“Economic woes deepen”  and “From boom to bust” read headlines to articles discussing the the collapse of our construction sector.   It’s nothing short of downright saddening given the large percentage of Bermudians who rely on construction for income.  Equally depressing is having seen the iceberg in advance and not been able to convince anyone to change course.  Things were too good and we were overheating but people just didn’t want to hear it, it simply couldn’t happen to us

It’s enough to ask what’s the point?  Is it best to simply take a seat near a lifeboat, enjoy the entertainment and be the first to save oneself when it all goes down?  Is it worth the struggle trying to convince mere cogs in the wheel to jump up and heave on the reigns rather than casually give in as we race towards a cliff?  How does one do it if you’re largely an irrelevant nobody?  How does one convince those with the power to do something to actually do something? 

How does one really make a difference?  Writing clearly accomplishes nothing when you lack the ability to not only be heard but be listened to.  Sure you could race to join one party over another but does that guarantee irrelevance if you choose the wrong one?  Even if you manage to join the right one doesn’t it still mean jumping through pointless hoops and climbing the ladder before your voice actually matters.  What if conforming as a cog in the wheel robs you of your ability to actually see the oncoming cliff?  What if there isn’t time?  What can you do?

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1 thought on “Going bust

  1. Don’t despair too much. Your and others’ similar analyses and warnings have helped many of us plan and mitigate our exposures to the inevitable bust. If ever there was any doubt, our most recent elections have been evidence enough that not many of the population are ever going to let reason cloud their thinking. Most are still willfully blind to what’s already hapenning and the catastrophe on the horizon. Thankfully, we can still immigrate to Europe when the real layoffs start to happen in the coming months. Lets face it, migration is what most small town residents do when the mine shuts down and Bermuda has been extraordinarily fortunate up until now.

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