A foray into travel writing

A friend recently requested I throw together a piece on a recent kiteboarding trip to Cabarete for her travel blog

There’s something about being in a different place, surrounded by an unfamiliar culture and an experience far different from the norm that makes travel so rewarding. Cabarete, a small town on the north-east coast of the Dominican Republic is one of those places. Ranked as one of the top kiteboarding destinations in the world, Cabarete has developed quite a reputation for itself among those who kiteboard or wish to learn. Even if you’re not into the sport or find yourself in one of those rare occasions with no wind there are a wealth of alternative activities to keep you entertained.

As a Bermudian, Cabarete can be a uniquely rewarding experience. Your experience begins as you step off your plane to be greeted with $10 visa tax and a complimentary shot of local rum. It can be quite surprising and gratifying to know that even should you not be able to manage a lick of Spanish the local customs agents offer no problems as they not only recognize Bermuda but also speak highly of it; at least in the couple words of English they can muster. There’s nothing like having our tiny little rock recognized when most places around the world have never heard of us or confuse us for Caribbean isles. Apparently we’ve made quite an impression on the Dominican people as has our own local spirit. Of note, the customs officials might jokingly hint that next time would be the perfect opportunity to bring along a bottle of black seal as a gift.

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