Media Council Code of Practice

I've opted to voluntarily adhere to the proposed Media Council Code of Practice.  I know, it'll be quite the stretch.  

Though this site is an opinion only foreign hosted blog I thought it worthwhile to encourage the media and other blog sites to adhere to the standards proposed by the Media Council Code of Practice.  

As a bit of a disclaimer while this site is not dedicated to encouraging discussion in the comments (there are forums for that) I have always held a policy (except for periods when I won't have internet access) that comments are not pre-moderated.  However this by no means suggests that if at any time I feel managing comments are proving to be more work than they're worth I'll simply turn them off.  Given my track record of attracting outstanding amounts of spam vs few actual comments I'm not terribly concerned.

If you disagree with what I have to say not only do I welcome your feedback, I wholly encourage it.  I see constructive and well aimed criticism as a means to strengthen and improve my views and am rather discouraged to not receive very much of it.  Mind you, this isn't to say that despite my awkward and feeble ability to accept compliments I'm not pleased to receive positive feedback, ie, it's appreciated; I just find we've already got enough people on this island with excessively inflated egos that another isn't really going to do much to help keep our island afloat.

My moderation standards will remain the same.  The only comments I delete are spam and in the rare occasions where I've felt someone has stepped over the line I've taken to moderating their comment and adding a note, usually in square brackets that I have done so.

So, I think I've blathered enough so here's a copy of the code of practice itself so you can educate yourself on how to point out the
many cases where I breach it and direct me to publicly seek forgiveness.

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