Treating the symptom not the cause?

Bermuda Democratic Alliance’s Deputy Leader Dr Katherine Michelmore makes some interesting comments on why people should support BDA.  She opens with a metaphor of where as a Doctor she recommends lifestyle changes for people facing health risks but concludes suggesting that Bermudians should support BDA because it offers a ‘“prescription” for a Better Way’.  There’s an interesting subconscious disconnect here. 

While this writer is certainly no doctor, could it be considered true that lifestyle changes tend to address the root cause of a problem while “prescriptions” can sometimes only address the symptoms rather than the underlying cause?  Dr. Michelmore suggests “The reason such lifestyle messages are unpopular is because the solution rests with the individual themselves” but then turns around and doesn’t offer to empower the individual to solve their own problems but instead that the individual should be prescribed a remedy to solve their problem.  It’s serves as an interesting thought experiment on why she chose such words.

Is the BDA suggesting that rather than empower the people to be a part of the solution and address the root cause that they should simply accept the “prescribed” remedy?  Are we likely to see a repeat of the what we’ve seen with the Progressive Labour Party’s rise to power that in the short term we’ll feel better but in the long term we’ll end up with the same problems, perhaps worse?  Dr. Michelmore wants to tell us that we should try a different way of doing things but fails to recognize that in the eyes of some the BDA has yet to offer a truly different way.

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