Paula Cox may or may not be the best choice for leadership of the PLP and subsequently Bermuda.  Certainly Ms. Cox did a great job in getting TIEA agreements signed but does this lend itself more to her credibility as a trained and experienced lawyer than as someone tasked to adequately manage a budget?  Does managing a budget or getting agreements signed make for a good leader?  Certainly not alone.  Good leadership is knowing when to delegate.

It is hoped that should Ms. Cox be successful in her leadership bid that she will demonstrate the hallmark of a great leader and move not to take on everything and instead delegate responsibilities to those best suited for the each role in Cabinet.  Given the past few years this would be a welcome change.   Hopefully our next leader will ensure the person who is best trained and experienced at managing each role is tasked with the job of doing so.

Of our prospects for PLP MPs in Cabinet, here’s hoping that should Mr. Lister not be our next Premier that he is made our next Finance Minister.

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