Marc Bean wins it, UBP second, BDA dead last.

Not terribly surprising that Marc Bean has won the by-election.

We also got an answer to who wins second place.  Despite claims that the UBP should step aside BDA have failed to show themselves as a credible force for leading opposition having yet to win a single seat and having come in third place.  This despite all of the controversy over the UBP’s candidate selection.

With this defeat BDA likely should take some time to seriously rethink their strategy and how they present themselves as this should have been a strong showing on their part as a means to boost their credibility.  With the next election potentially being for an opposition winnable seat BDA will now struggle as voters will now think twice before voting BDA for risk of handing the seat to the PLP through another split vote.

The PLP should not take too much pride in this win having only attained support from 27% of eligible voters and an overall turnout of 40%.  Certainly the PLP surpassed the votes of the oppositions combined this time, though given the large expectation that the vote would be split there was considerable reason for non-PLP supporter apathy.  The hallmark of the PLP’s electoral success has been in rallying troops during election time, one which shows signs of fading.  This limited turnout should surely come as a warning sign that sheer party loyalty and artful rhetoric may not be enough to get people out to the polls.  Should the opposition regroup as a credible force for the next election the PLP may not be so lucky as to have the win handed to them.

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