Lunch with the Premier

Today I had the opportunity to join a handful of fellow young Bermudian professionals in having lunch with the Premier.  It was a rather stark reminder of how distinct Premier Cox is in her leadership style from that of former Premier Brown.  

It was a very small group, the conversation was informal and the Premier made a special point to not only encourage people to speak freely but also to encourage opposing views and constructive feedback.   She invited us to speak of issues important to our generation and spoke well of her appreciation for the many aspects of our economy, local business, tourism, international business, taxation and its implications.  She encouraged a balanced view of the many aspects of our society and explained the many implications of one policy to the next on the various sectors of our society.  She stressed the importance she places on not killing the goose that lays golden eggs while balancing the desire to determine what can be done to ensure we prosper over the long term.  She certainly lived up to her reputation as a more balanced and inclusive leader keen to not only hear but also listen and respond to all views.

It is hard not to be left with many thoughts to review following such a meeting.  Perhaps in the coming days there shall be time to share some of those thoughts as well as some on the upcoming budget.


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2 thoughts on “Lunch with the Premier

  1. Frankly Denis, I am surprised to learn that we now have a progressive PM who encouraged a dialog, even with opposing ideas and comments.
    The youth in Egypt and Nubia in general have risen up to confront their political leadership, and with much blood shed; it is heart-warming to know that our leader is willing to sit, sup, and listen to some of the brightest young minds in our island home. I’m very encouraged!

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