Trust the fox selling the hen house?

There have been no shortage of things to be written about, quite unfortunately though, I really can’t be bothered and for the most part have tried to avoid local politics and writing all together.

None the less, the ridiculousness of a recent article on the housing market has me wanting to reiterate that one should never listen to real estate agents.  Susan Thompson of Coldwell Banker was recently quoted as promoting the usual buy now spiel:

Why wait and ‘try to time the market’ only to discover that you missed it and prices are instead going up?  Now is a great time to buy

Do you trust real estate agents on when to buy a home?  Did you so quickly forget the July 2008 claim: “Now’s a great time to buy a home”?  If so, I have a bridge to sell you.

Hopefully someone out there didn’t listen to Ms. Thompson and read what we had to say about the market back then:

What happens if you combine a weakening global economy with off-shoring of local jobs and a rapidly softening local housing market?

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