UBP should not give in to the BDA’s demands

The Bermuda Democratic Alliance's strategy hasn't worked so why are they trying to impose it on a merger with the United Bermuda Party?  They split from the UBP on the basis that a new name and separation from the UBP legacy would solve everything.  This split attracted few PLP converts and they failed to gain a significant foothold over the UBP in the by-election.  Their savior strategy failed, plain and simple.  So, why is it that they're now trying to impose this failed strategy on the UBP?  How is it that what didn't work for them will somehow make a difference with the UBP included?  It won't.  The issue with the opposition and our parties in general is the same as it has always been: Trust.  We don't trust our politicians.  The UBP would gain the most by regaining trust through transparency and a real commitment to governance.  Subsequently, one legacy they shouldn't cast aside is their proven ability to properly manage the economy.

The BDA are trying to impose their failed departure strategy on the UBP.  

One BDA source said yesterday: “The negotiations have been complex and have now faltered on a key point: the UBP’s inability to truly commit to the required drastic and immediate changes we need for this new entity to be a success.

“The UBP must abandon as many of the former faces of the UBP as it can possibly afford to let go. Right now it’s at a bit of a stalemate.

The whole premise for the BDA's "A Better Way" was new faces and abandoning the UBP's legacy.  It didn't work.  Why in the world do they think it will make a difference on a larger scale?  Subsequently casting aside former faces of the UBP may well guarantee you cast aside some of the best financial minds.  

The biggest issue facing any party in Bermuda today is a lack of trust.  The both the UBP and the PLP have lost the trust of a large percentage of voters while the BDA never did anything to gain it.  If the UBP wants to win the next election they don't need the BDA or their rediculous demands, they need to focus on doing what it takes to build trust with the electorate.  This means embedding a framework for transparency and open democratic governance within the foundation of the party.  Without some changes, new faces or not, they will gain little traction.

The only other saving grace for the UBP may well be that as times grow more tough, people will be more ready to put them back into power to do what it takes to right the economy.  Colonial legacy or not, noone wants to vote themselves into poverty.  Even union bosses admit the UBP knows what they're doing with regards to the economy while the PLP have fails us.  In today's Royal Gazette:

Union boss Armell Thomas yesterday said the Progressive Labour Party has been “living off the coat-tails” of the United Bermuda Party Government’s financial prudence.

This is a significant move.  It validates the one belief widely held throughout the Bermudian community, the UBP can manage the economy.  The UBP may be encumbered with a poor legacy with regards to social issues and ties to our colonial past, however they also have the strong legacy of knowing what they're doing when it comes to finance and our economy.  Giving into the BDA's demands would not only be foolish, it'd encourage throwing away the UBP's one solid strength for a failed strategy.


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1 thought on “UBP should not give in to the BDA’s demands

  1. When the UBP was warning about the financial storm brewing the PLP and their supporters brushed it off and labled the UBP “scaremongers”. I admit that the UBP has a tarnished social legacy, but those days are long over. The only people that can’t get past it is the PLP themselves. Why? Because that’s their bread and butter to win elections, and the people fall for it everytime. Ewart Brown must be laughing all the way down Front Street while driving his new Lexus.
    The people don’t realize it, but the PLP have them in shackles and they don’t even realize it. The shackles are owned by HSBC ;)Brace yourselves, this summer Patrice Minors and Paula Cox will be dusting off her Plantation Speeches. Let’s see if the people will fall for it again.

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