No ‘politics of appeasement’ now that the cog is at the wheel

With her first address our Premier reminds us of the disappointing disconnect between our politicians and the people.  We are told that now is the time that we must do more with less and yet our politicians continue to showcase that when it comes to themselves, they continue to focus on doing less with more.

In her address Premier Paula Cox said:

“It takes grit and character to resist the temptation to indulge the politics of appeasement and to say there will be no symbolic cuts in Ministers’ salaries.

Where was this grit and character when it came to the many promises of “free” necessary to appease the population in order to win an election?  Where was this grit and character when it came to managing the budget and saying no overt spending and budget busting projects?  We are certainly discovering the true cost of “free” as it is us who is expected to do more with less, our people who are to take pay cuts and lose jobs while the size of public purse governing their salaries continues to grow.

Premier Cox suggests that symbolic gestures have little value and as such, why undertake them?

“This, in my view, would be an empty gesture, inappropriate for a Government or for any team facing the prospect of having to do more with less and having to do it in half the time under double the pressure.”

Half the time?  Double the pressure?  Perhaps if our Premier had focused less on indulging in the politics of appeasement when she was Finance Minister then she would not find herself in this predicament.  Our people have waited 12 years for the promise of a better Bermuda to be fulfilled and even after they have stuffed their own coffers our leaders refuse to give up their fancy cars, lucrative salaries, fat pensions, paid credit cards, fancy travel and other perks of power.

Six months into the much acclaimed ‘new government’ comprised of the same faces we remain so terribly disappointed with the lack of progress.  Our Premier may call for sacrifice but refuses to accept that every dollar counts, that sacrifice must be made across the board and must come from the top.  Our Premier should throw down the cog and lead from the front in showcasing that sacrifice should be made everywhere possible, symbolic or not, that we are all in this together and that together we can get ourselves out of it.  By proclaiming such a symbolic gesture as empty and inappropriate, our Premier simply adds emphasis to who got us into this mess in the first place.  It is terribly saddening that it is only now that our Premier has chosen to refrain from the politics of appeasement, for had she chosen an earlier date to do so we likely wouldn’t find ourselves in such a predicament.

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