OBA – Actually something different?

One thing which stands out as different about the One Bermuda Alliance is that they’ve actually committed to some parliamentary reform right out of the gate.

increase democracy

 by having fixed term elections, right to petition for referendums and recall of MP’s

Long time followers of this blog, my prior blog and forum at the now defunct bermudawiki.com and my guest posts at LimeyinBermuda.com would recognize that this is something I’ve supported for quite some time and am pleased to see some commitment to it.

In order to achieve success OBA will need to continue defining themselves as something clearly different (for example by setting a date to mass resign and re-contest their seats under their new label), buildand most importantly maintain momentum.


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1 thought on “OBA – Actually something different?

  1. Does the OBA have a new philosophy?
    The OBA does NOT have a new philosophy:
    They DO have UBP old guards such as: Sir David Gibbons, Sir John Swan, Grant Gibbons, Trevor Moniz, Dr.. Teceria, Alan Marhsall, John Barritt, Et Richards, David Dodwell, Michael Dunkley & with that group comes, yes, the old UBP philosophy So what’s new, glad you asked? UBP philosophical elected MPs Louise Jackson, Mark Pettingill, Donte Hunte, S. Crockwell, Patricia Pamplin, Suzanne ( Weathergirl)
    So what is revitalizing? Thought you’d never ask? The remaining supporters of the UBP. They stand for transparency, integrity and the belief of a One Bermuda. The others had the opportunity to level the playing fields, did they? They had the opportunity to substantiate equal rights, preserve green spaces, perfect education, but did they? Can one say, their evaluation marks could possibly read: 2011 self successful stories?

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