Great at policy, bad at politics

The OBA battling the PLP on rhetoric is reminicent of bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Mr Dunkley defended his stance on the EEZ extension, saying: “My colleagues and I have listened to the people and we share their concern that the whole island is in the midst of an economic downturn and we should work to empower all people.

"Economic downturn" is the PLP's rhetoric to make the economy seem less bad than it is.  If you use their words, you make it sound like you agree with their position.  Do you agree with their position Mr. Dunkley?

It's an "Economic crisis".  Why?  It is a crisis to anyone who has lost their job.  It is a crisis to anyone who is poor.  It is a crisis who has seen their home drop in value, or is underwater.  It is a crisis to anyone who wonders when it will end.  "Crisis" stirs emotion.  "Downturn" does not.  

Our Premier is out there using words like "rape" to describe the situation of store product pricing.  It's disgusting, distasteful and shows very poor character, but it stirs emotions and emotions win elections. The OBA doesn't understand this.  They're great at policy but bad at politics.


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