Relaxing Sunday shopping restrictions

Sunday shop opening restrictions should be changed so that shops can open with the only restriction being that they can’t force people to work on Sundays.  If they have or can hire staff willing to work Sundays, let them be open without restrictions.

The Sunday restrictions simply don’t make much sense anymore.  At a period where retail sales and jobs are down, allowing shops to open on Sundays could provide much needed relief. 

There are many who simply can’t find the time to leave work to shop during the week and only one day on the weekend is very restrictive.  Hence, many opt to shop online because it’s far more convenient.  Allowing shops to open more days of the week would also cause them to hire more staff to support the extra hours.  We need jobs and it’s an easy way to add some.

It is understandable there would be objection from churches, however a happy medium should be found for the sake of jobs and local spending.

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1 thought on “Relaxing Sunday shopping restrictions

  1. It’s a simple common sense initiative. If a store owner can, allow them to open on Sundays.
    I can’t see why a church or other individual would or should object.

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