Budget hopes

Here's my impromtu budget wishlist to get our economy back on track.  

Reintroduce growth

  • Eliminate term limits
  • Relax work permit requirements for skilled jobs traditionally unfilled by Bermudians
  • Eliminate red tape and delays in work permit approval process
  • Cut payroll tax

Cut costs

  • Introduce 12 or more unpaid holidays (one friday a month) for the civil service over the next year which would save nearly $15 million in labor costs but allow people to keep their jobs.
  • Privatisation of some government services, eg public transport.  Increase support for mini buses to handle the kinds of routes regular buses cannot service.
  • Eliminate GP cars and credit cards
  • Eliminate non-essential spending, especially external spending and trips
  • Reduce the size of cabinet
  • Halt further development of low cost housing
  • Change trash collection to a rotating 3 days every 2 weeks rather than 2 days every week.

Increase revenues

  • Duty simplification/harmonization to a flat rate for everything but food for all types of imports, not just personal (ala the Fair Tax Cut proposal).  This would have the added benefit of reducing duty related accounting.  
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