The sad state of real estate

“Home buyers saddled with debt as repossessions continue”.  Sigh… this was all sadly predictable years ago.

What happens if you combine a weakening global economy with off-shoring of local jobs and a rapidly softening local housing market?

A weakening global economy means global spending is getting tighter.  While Bermuda is typically quite shielded by such events is there a guarantee that Bermuda will feel no side effects?  Further, will the off-shoring of local jobs mean a decrease in overall employment levels, subsequently decreasing local spending?  Spending that keeps many supplementary industries afloat?  Finally, what happens if the housing market continues to soften and a large number of mortgage holders (especially those with interest only loans) wake up to realize that the value of their home has dropped and they now are in a state of negative equity if they try to sell?

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