Site changes

As you may have noticed, I’ve been working to migrate away from Typepad and towards a self hosted copy of WordPress. I am hoping that I managed to migrate all of the images while maintaining existing links.

Unfortunately I am moving away from the site which means any links previously pointing to it will now be invalid.

2 thoughts on “Site changes

  1. I’ve long wanted to consolidate my hosted typepad account with the server I use to host my email. Years ago I tried migrating to moveable type and it was a disaster so I abandoned it.

    I felt inclined to try again with wordpress considering the many addons available and that it seemed easier to migrate. The process had a few hickups but I’ve hopefully managed to keep the links working and transfer all the associated images.

    I’ve also switched and over to a personal landing page which I’m looking to improve into a goto point for centralizing my online identity. I’ve long wanted to separate my personal domains from 21Square so this migration is providing the avenue.

    If you had any links that referenced they’re likely dead. Any referencing should work fine, let me know if they don’t.

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