Term limit stumble

The OBA have stumbled again in announcing the elimination of term limits without having demonstrated that they’ve seriously considered the issue as promised in their election campaign. Term limits definitely need to be eliminated but there also needs to be a clear solution to the problem term limits was perceived as solving.  Many Bermudians mistakenly believed the goal of term limits was to create opportunity for Bermudians. The OBA needs to address this perception with a solution, and fast.

The work permit process is deeply flawed and needs serious revision. We need a better solution. Both Bermudians and Expats feel disadvantaged under our current environment and it has turned us into adversaries rather than partners. Term limits did not solve the problem. It created the dangerous perception of a solution while damaging our symbiotic relationship with guest workers. We need a solution which clearly addresses the issue of creating opportunities for Bermudians while not damaging our relationship with guest workers.


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J Starling

I agree.

The OBA have just burned up some more of their rapidly diminishing stock of political capital by breaking their pre-election promise regarding a two-year suspension and review.

The two-year suspension and review would have allowed wide political and public discussion about the term limits policy, helping to dismiss various myths, pro and con.

Instead they’ve managed to single-handedly boost popular fears concerning the security of Bermudian jobs (rightly or wrongly) AND render any and all pre-election statements/promises absolutely meaningless.

Bravo OBA. Bravo.

The idiots.


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You guys are still closet PLP supporters I see. What was the unemployment rate in Bermuda prior to the impact of term limits (i.e. the 6th year the policy was in place) and what is it now?

J Starling


Did the OBA make an election campaign promise that they would not abolish term limits but would instead engage in a two year suspension of them and review the policy? Yes or no.

If the answer is ‘yes’, then would you then agree that the OBA has broken a campaign promise? Yes or no.


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