Welcome to the end of term limits

The introduction of term limits was done with the well meaning intention of protecting Bermuda for Bermudians.  Unfortunately the policy did far more damage than good and a review and possible elimination of the policy is a welcome move.

Term limits was ultimately a very flawed policy, as evidenced to the very high percentage of exemptions.  A core part of the problem is that many simply don’t understand the distinction between term limits and work permits which leads to a great deal of confusion.  The work permit process, if implemented properly would already have managed most of what the term limit policy was trying to achieve.  In the end it meant little more than a great deal more bureaucracy, a lot of loss and almost no gain.

Term limits did not achieve their aim of providing more opportunity for Bermudians.  Instead they achieved the opposite.  The real problem with a lack of opportunity for Bermudians lies with flawed and inconsistent enforcement of the work permit process which needs to both be streamlined as well as reviewed to ensure it works in the best interests if our business partners as well as Bermudians.

The OBA has followed up one misstep with a strong foot forwards.  Here’s hoping they can find a balance between encouraging growth, making business feel welcome while still ensuring Bermudians play on a level playing field, especially on their home turf.  It won’t be easy.