Not a fan of reckless spending

Justin, here’s the long answer to your question

The biggest problem I have with the OBA’s approach to eliminating term limits is that the way it has been done will be costly politically speaking.  Much like their other blunders have been costly.

When it comes down to it, we will have no choice but to find some way to convince public sector employees, whether through layoffs, shorter work weeks, lower pay etc, to make sacrifices   We’ll also need to ask the public to make sacrifices   We may be able to grow our way out of this recession to some extent, but only to a point which may not go far enough because we’re so deep in the hole.  Thus every reasonable dollar we can save counts.  (To be clear, I’m not a fan of all out austerity but believe there needs to be a balance between cuts and stimulus)

The problem is that the OBA is not even 2 months into their term and has already hired seemingly politically motivated consultants, taken extravagant trips and reneged on election promises related to controversial issues that are widely misunderstood by the public.  The OBA is wildly and recklessly spending political capital they don’t have as wildly and recklessly as the PLP spent in the money we didn’t have in the Dr. Brown era.  I’m not a fan of any sort of wild and reckless spending, political or otherwise.

Why does it matter?  Well, when the OBA goes and tries to negotiate with the unions and other areas of the public to make necessary sacrifices they won’t get very far because people will take one look at the example our leadership is setting and refuse to budge.

This is what has me concerned the most.

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  1. Good points Denis.

    I am finding it interesting however to see the show being on the other foot, in the sense of the OBA finding that, in the age of social media, they don’t have the smooth sailing that they may have, rather naively, expected.

    It is interesting seeing how OBAers, who once delighted in pointing out every possible misstep by the PLP, real or otherwise, and who happily accused PLPers of being ‘sheeple’ devoid of ‘critical thought’ and too biased to be objective, are now making excellent caricatures of the very extremes they chastised while the PLP were in power.

  2. As much as you guys pretend to be politically astute you are really showing how much of an amateur you both are. Firstly, you have to take things in stride. If the OBA pushed through gaming like they pushed through abolishing term limits that’s one thing. In this case it is quite clear that term limits needed to be removed and hence the OBA acted swiftly. Instead of applauding their efforts you want complain about the process. Secondly, when the next election rolls around and Bermuda is doing much better without term limits you both will need to remove foot from mouth. Both of you accuse me of being a blind follower of the OBA but I believe you two are simply anti-OBA and can’t seem to take off your tinted green sunglasses. That’s with Jonathan, and ex PLP member, ran as an independent instead of simplyimg voting OBA. Deep down you are both lean PLP and that’s why you’ve made the comments you have.

    • Justin, I left the PLP because I feel that they’ve gone too far to the right, become too centrist, for my own ideology. Seeing as I see the OBA and it’s predecessor the UBP as further to the right of the PLP, why on earth would I either join them or vote for them? Especially when I’m within my rights and abilities to run as an Independent?

      As for Denis, I can attest that he’s never been PLP, and, in my opinion, is a pretty consistent and fair liberal. He calls it as he sees it and is nether aligned (historically or currently) with either the PLP or the OBA. I have great respect for his neutrality in that capacity, and his pretty objective analysis of events, even if we disagree on this and that.

  3. Justin,

    Did you read anything of what I wrote? Deep down I lean PLP? Perhaps you should go back through some of my many posts during the days the PLP were in power and you’ll see that I made many of the same critiques.

    It seems to me that you’ve made up your mind and aren’t interested in alternative points of view. Why bother coming to read my site rather than seeking out more confirmations of your own beliefs?

    Abolishing term limits was rather obvious to me, why was it only obvious to the OBA after the election? Why did they not pledge to abolish them immediately rather than putting forth a 2 year hold?

    If the OBA had pledged to abolish term limits and had followed through as promised, I would be applauding their efforts. Instead what the OBA is shown is that they cannot be trusted.

    Trust is essential in politics and swaying political favor. If the OBA can’t retain trust, they’ll be out next election. They’ve already demonstrating that despite all their claims otherwise, they certainly do not represent something different from the parties of old.

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  5. Thanks for the kind words Jonathan, though I do consider myself to be more of a moderate than a liberal

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