Jonathan from over at Catch a Fire was nearly arrested today for attempting a sit in over demands to see the Term Limits report.  This doesn’t bode well and could well prove to turn into yet another PR nightmare for the OBA.

I can’t say I agree with Jonathans approach as it seems like a rather extreme first step vs. exhausing other options.  It reminds me of the union’s strike first, negotiate later policy which I also don’t agree with.  However, having 9 police officers or even any police officers at all deal with this issue seems like an equally extreme response.  Jonathan can afford to be overzealous, the OBA doesn’t have that luxury.

I think one of the things really rising to the surface of late is that this group is largely very inexperienced and tasked with tackling a near impossible job.  Rather than working to build the trust of the people they’re discrediting themselves and demonstrating that perhaps they aren’t able to deliver on their promise of a new and different era of politics in Bermuda.  They need to fix this fast and focus on ways to be more inclusive and proactive rather than alienating and reactive.

I really hope this is the low point and things improve from here.  I really hope they regain their footing and are able to get our island back on the right track.  If not we don’t have much hope.



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  1. Hi Denis, thank you for picking up on this.

    I admit I could have approached it differently and that I really didn’t plan it very well. It just sort of happened.

    I had gone there to seek clarity on Mr Fahy’s ‘policing the internet’ and to request the release, to the public, of the policy review that they used to make their decision regarding abolishing the term limits.

    I was pretty sure there were nine police, but I can only say for sure there were seven. In all the moving around and threat of arrest it was hard to keep track of all the police, and I only got a photo of the first group of four that came in (another wave of three followed, and I’m pretty sure two others showed up at some point).

    I encourage others to be actively engaged in our political process. Yes, comment online, write LTTE or call in to the chat shows, but we must also be active offline.

    I’m not necessarily recommending everyone engage in civil disobedience, although there is certainly a time and a place for it, but I fear sometimes that our society is too complacent and in awe of the Government, when it should be the other way around.

    I trust that the Government will improve and live up to their claims of transparency and inclusiveness.

    If it takes a poorly planned and executed sit-in of a Government office to expedite that, then all the better as far as I’m concerned!

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