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I love this comment on my last post

You guys are still closet PLP supporters I see. What was the unemployment rate in Bermuda prior to the impact of term limits (i.e. the 6th year the policy was in place) and what is it now?

When the PLP is in power and I criticize them I’m labelled a closet OBA/UBP supporter.  Now that the OBA is in power,  criticizing them makes me a closet PLP supporter.  Too funny.

I’m not a closet supporter of either party and I’ve criticized and applauded both.  I consider myself a Bermuda supporter which allows me to be openly independent in my views and opinions regardless of who is in power.

I’ve openly questioned term limits for years.  It anything I was turned off when the OBA suggested that they’d do a “2 year review” of the policy rather than eliminate it completely.  I’ve also openly voiced a desire and support for participatory and direct democracy and greater involvement of the people in the political process.  In this particular case I support the elimination of term limits but do not support having implied that the people would be involved in the process and then changing your mind once you’ve won the election.

I’m not interested in taking sides and blindly following either party.  What I am interested in is taking an objective view of the issues and voicing my opinion.  I’m not out to personally attack, offend or unconstructively criticize either party, its leadership or its members.  This blog simply represents my own opinions and thoughts, right or wrong.

It’s amusing to watch the defensive stance people take to criticism.  Its easy to take things as a personal attack on you and your beliefs when that wasn’t the intention at all.  We’re all guilty of getting defensive about our ideals and beliefs because its our nature.  Its easier to accuse the person criticizing you as being wrong than it is to admit that you’ve got room for improvement.  The thing is that constructive criticism is valuable.  You never become a better person without feedback and if you fear criticism you’ll end up surrounding yourself with people who only tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to.

Ultimately I thrive on constructive criticism because I embrace it as a means toward self improvement.  It is my hope that my opinions are taken from that perspective, meant to be constructive, even if not always perfect in regards to being as completely objective and unbiased as I strive to be.  Just as I willingly offer feedback I also willingly accept and embrace feedback.  If you don’t like or don’t agree with something I’ve said I’m not only happy to hear it, I encourage it.  That isn’t to say I’ll agree with you, but it is to say that your opinion matters and you deserve to be heard.



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You wrote a full page without ever answering my question. Congratulations.

It’s amazing how you agree with aboloshing term limits, but would have rathered the OBA drag it out over a two year period.


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