Stevedoring revenues

Interesting to note today:

Shipping is a great indicator of an economy’s health and future.  An increase in imports can mean stores are ordering more due to improved sales, builders are ordering more supplies due to projected or actual increases in demands and more people are moving things in.

Thus today’s articles suggesting a 3.9% increase in container volumes and the investment in a larger faster ship are positive indicators.

Rather unfortunately, container volume statistics aren’t readily available via or any government website.  I’ve written the stevedoring company to request them but in the meantime we can look at stevedoring revenues for a better picture.

We can see fiscal year end vs. interim numbers available via the BSX financial statements.  The interim numbers represent a mid year measurement of revenue.  The uptick we see for 2016’s financial year is a good sign.

Interim numbers appear to represent just over half of the year end numbers suggesting a similar spike in year end numbers can be expected if trends continue.  The interim revenue numbers have jumped by about 14%.  If we see a similar jump in the fiscal year numbers that will represent a return to 2009/1010 shipping volume levels.  Quite a good sign of improvement in the economy, finally.