Becoming a digital nomad

2.5 years ago I made the leap.  I quit my job in international business, sold or gave away most of my possessions and became a digital nomad.  What’s a digital nomad? A digital nomad is someone who works remotely via the internet from anywhere.  I have my own company, I live my life effectively out of a suitcase and my office is in my backpack.

I’ve traveled through parts of Europe and SE Asia, working while I go.  I’ve worked next to a pool on the rooftop of an building with an amazing view of the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur.  I’ve scrambled around in the rain at Lake Balaton, Hungary in search of wifi to end up huddling under a tree when combat cloud outage issues. I’ve stayed in super cheap guest houses with beds harder than concrete or a night club next door.  I’ve had to deal with stuff getting stolen and getting lost more than once. I’ve eaten $1 meals at some very questionable establishments, and $6 set menus of great food that left you completely stuffed.  Along the way I’ve surfed in Bali, toured the ruins of Angkor Wat, and braved piloting a scooter on the crazed no rules streets of Vietnam.  It’s been an incredible journey.

Why did I become a digital nomad?  Bermuda is too expensive.  I decided I wanted to manage my own business and had no funding other than my own savings.  So I opted to ‘Bootstrap’ it.  Bermuda’s cost of living is so high it is a terrible place to start an internet based business.  Everything costs a fortune when by comparison, on last minute notice, you can travel quite cheaply in places like in SE Asia.   You can get a half decent hotel room with wifi for $20-30 a night, eat a decent meal for $3-7 dollars, and get incredibly fast internet on your cellphone for a month for $5.  That’s not even considering the savings you can manage if you rent monthly and get a little plug in cooker to make your own food.  If you’re Bermudian and are thinking of starting an e-commerce business using savings then its pretty much the best way to go.

Interested in becoming a digital nomad?  The best places to start are

Of note: Bermuda ranks near the absolute bottom of the list as a digital nomad destination and does not come up at all as an option for somewhere for Digital Nomads to look to found a company.