Less than a day

Rather unsurprisingly it has taken less than a day before the PLP’s leader is announcing that it intends to renege on the deal agreed to yesterday.  Opposition leader Bean has fullfilled the suspicion that “Comprehensive bi-partisan immigration reform” was little more than a catch phrase intent on manipulating and deceiving the people.  It smacks of the “we had to deceive you” phrase that has become their modus operandi.  It certainly doesn’t reflect a genuine commitment to actually following through with reasonable discussions on the merits of how we can properly reform immigration.

If the OBA were focused on controlling the narrative, the opportunity to call out the PLP for only playing lip service to “comprehensive bi-partisan immigration reform” and really only being out for their own political gain has been served up on a silver platter.

The OBA aren’t the only ones who have spent all their political capital and are trying to survive on a massive trust deficit.  You clearly can’t trust anything either party says as neither are capable of living up to their word.

There’s simply very little if any honour left in Bermuda politics on either side.  Anyone would be better than these lot.